1572 m2 Block, 2 Bedrooms, Views to Great Lake, Open Plan Living Area, Wood Heater
Listing Description

This shack at Brandum was built in 1959, one of the original properties in the area of the Central Highlands of Tasmania. You only need to walk a matter of 5 minutes to the shore of the Great Lake to wind them (trout) in. Situated on a 1572 m2 block with distant views to the Great Lake. Two bedrooms, one which could be divided into two, as it is very large. The open plan living area has views to the lake and a wood heater to keep you warm. This property will be sold fully furnished. There is solar power with a generator supplied for backup and an inverter for fridge, Microwave, Lights etc. No hot water service, just need to boil the kettle. The shower is not hooked up to water lines yet and owners were using a camping bag shower. Insulated in walls and ceilings, so very warm when it is snowing outside. Please call now to make an appointment for an inspection of this lovely shack.

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